We’re truly loving living in Georgia now. The weather and our big nice house makes it much easier for sure. I’ve always wanted to live at the beach, and the perks of working for Jekyll Island make it even better. These pics were taken at our little water park where we get to go to for free so we go almost ever weekend. It’s better than having a pool. Brad is also teaching Brenna to surf as I’m sure most of you have seen the video.

We are also enjoying having visitors and hope to have lots more so whoever is reading this, plan to come have your beach vacation at our house soon. Dad and Judy are coming this weekend for the 4th. PJ is coming too. Todd may come but we won’t know until the last minute.

We enjoyed Mom and Dave’s visit a couple weeks ago, and Brad’s family about a month ago.

The kids are growing fast, and seem to actually be starting to maybe listen a little. Brenna is really funny lately. She actually told me she liked my Gap jeans and said she wanted some. She’s not even 4!!! So I, of course, went on ebay and bid on some size 4t GAP jeans!—geez. I’m in for some bad years. We had 400 cheerleaders in the convention center where I work this week and I had some flash forward moments that were pretty scary. My girls are going to be annoy me in mass amounts I’m sure. Bradie is still so super cute but is the devil in the disguise. She loves to throw books and toys at you, and is learning to manipulate you but is still so cute she’s tough to say no to.

They had to switch day cares recently and of course Mom was the most traumatized. The day care where they were that I loved, told us they were closing so I scrambled to find another spot for them only to be told 3 days later that they were not closing. I decided not to chance it, and moved them anyway. So far I’m not super impressed with the teachers at the new place but the kids seem to like and and Brenna even says she likes it better. I guess I have to go by what they say. Brenna can write her name and count to 50. Bradie is learning to say more and more words every day. I think I need to work with her on her letters, so her 2nd birthday present will be a phonics something or other. I can definitely tell the difference in not being at home with her like I was with Brenna. Ah the guilt of the working Mom!

I do continue to love my job. They are super flexible. In fact, I’m working from home tomorrow. I miss being with my kids but I know I made the right decision to go back to work. I tried to work with Brenna on the computer the other night and had no patience with her whatsoever. I just hope I’m paying the folks at school enough to teach her the right stuff! They do have computers at the daycare. Mayby daddy can do it. I do wonder if that means that I shouldn’t have had kids but I think maybe my gifts to my kids will come later. At least I hope so. :)

I hope everyone keeps in touch and can plan a trip. We’re not sure when we’ll plan to come back home any time soon. We love and miss you all. Posted by Picasa