Another Mega-Update (It’s already October!)

Another Mega-Update (It’s already October!)

Alot has happened since I last updated. Mostly, we moved alot. We sold the house in Raleigh, and closed on August 31st, so Brad and I had to go up the week before and pack everything and clean the house. Todd split the moving costs with us, so we could afford real movers. Mom and Dave packed up his apartment for him. Brenda kept the children for us. The day after we got back from Raleigh, we moved out of Bill’s house into a Villa on Jekyll Island. It’s small but much more comfortable than living in someone else’s house plus we’re on the beach, and there is an awesome pool here. We even get new towels every day, dishtowels, dish detergent, and maid service once a week. It’s still quite warm here so Brad and Brenna go swimming almost every night after dinner. Bradie usually takes an evening nap. My drive to work is about 5 minutes. Brad has to take the children to daycare and pick them up after working at the job site. Some days I’m sure he’s quite a dirty sight for those teachers!

We are really enjoying living on Jekyll Island. Brad wants to stay here, but I don’t think we can afford it just yet. Plus no one owns their homes here. They are on a hundred year lease from the government. There is always talk of the state making everyone buy their lot back. I’m not sure I could take the uncertainty. Not to mention I want my house that we’re building! Since I work for the island, we get to do all the amenities for free. We’ve rented the big 4-person bicycle, played a bunch of mini-golf, taken the tours, etc. Brad could play all the golf he wants but he doesn’t have time. Today we went to the end of the island where people sein (haul a big net in the water for shrimp). The dolphin come right up to you and eat fish out of your hand. Brenna would never hold her fish out there just right but the dolphin were all around her.

On Friday, a German TV station (supposedly like CNN there) was filming all over the island. My boss had me go get the children so they could film them at the beach, mini-golf, and the playground. The crew was very late, and the children got super dirty at the beach so they scrapped the other sites but they got quite a bit of footage of them at the beach. If anyone gets German TV–look out for them.

Bradie started walking a couple weeks ago. She still falls down quite a bit. Brenna says she’s clumsy like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. PJ brought Brenna that movie a couple weeks ago and she watches it 24/7. She calls it the Wizardubaj. Bradie is really fun now. She’s so cute and very cuddly. We’re working on Brenna so she’ll play nicely with Bradie. She does about 90% of the time.

We went to Florida last weekend, and Brenda treated us to dinner out to celebrate our anniversary. We were amazed at how great it felt to get away for a little while. And we hadn’t eaten out in a while either. It was great. Brenna is becoming quite a swimmer being able to practice at G’s and at home. (she has to wear her floaty bathing suit) but she floats on her back and sticks her head underwater scooting through the water. I want to test her out without the suit but Daddy says she’ll have it next year for sure.

We should be in our new house by either the 1st or mid-November. Brad painted the outside last week, and they should be putting up the sheetrock next week. It’s going to be like living in another world after being in this little condo. I can’t wait to have all my things! I really can’t wait to have visitors! I hope everyone can come visit us. Please plan your beach trips this year to the Harris’ in Georgia!