Bradie learned to say Bye Bye

Bradie learned to say Bye Bye

Bradie learned to say “Bye Bye” 

She’s getting fun now. It’s great when Brenna gets her giggling. She likes it when Brenna says “Boo” to her. She is like Brenna in that she only laughs when she’s tired. So that’s when we know we only have a few minutes before she starts losing it.

We went to Lex Luster’s birthday party yesterday. It was a good thing Brad was there with me. That place is not a good place to go when you can’t keep an eye on your kid every minute. The party was good though. Brenna wouldn’t eat anything but the icing on the cake. It’s so frustrating tryting to fix things she will eat.

Brenna is on a kick of playing with stuffed animals. She has a couple beanie baby kitties, a dog, and a teddy bear that she creates all kinds of scenarios with. They say “Bye Bye” alot, and I think they go to “stool” (school). They all have to go to bed with her too. She has a huge double bed and barely enough room to sleep with all the toys in there with her. It helps to make her want to go to bed though. She usually doesn’t object when I tell her it’s time. I know I’m super lucky for that.

Bradie has been sleeping all night for about 3 nights now. She wakes up earlier though. I was lucky enough to feed her at 5:30 a.m. yesterday morning and she went right back to sleep until 7:15. This morning, she wouldn’t go back to sleep after she woke at 5:45 a.m. until I brought her in my bed and fed her again. Then Brad came in with Brenna and woke us both up. That has been fun lately. He keeps Brenna’s monitor and comes in my room with her and we all hang out in the bed for a while. Claudia the cat usually joins us too. (Bradie squeals when she sees the cat!) Then Brad watches the kids while I shower.

Brad was making Bradie do crawling exercises last night. She can make some moves that resemble crawling. I think she’ll get it soon.

There’s Brenna—awake from her 2.5 hour nap! Gotta go.