Bradie Turned 2 on Tuesday July 25th!

Bradie Turned 2 on Tuesday July 25th!

I can’t believe it. My baby is 2. And she woke up that morning and was a terrible 2. She’s been whiny every since too. Even threw a tantrum in the kitchen floor this evening. It’s not helping that mommy got brave and decided to have 3 glasses of wine the night of the birthday party, and is still suffering from a migraine from it. Everyone–remind me not to do that again if I try it again.

Anyway, we just had pizza and cupcakes at the playground at Jekyll Island after work on Tuesday. Brenda came up. Uncle Bill, cousin Emily were there. Our new neighbor friends, Daniel and Tammy brought their son Sebastian (see pic to the right) and neice Sophie. Tom, my boss, brought his beautiful family including his mother and mother-n-law. And Bill Daley and Jan from work completed the party. It was nice to see everyone and socialize some.

Brad turned into superdad like he always does at parties, and let me socialize. Grandma, thank goodness, turned into photographer else we’d have no photos. We have been eating pizza for days but I think we’re almost done. The children like it.

Brenda got Bradie a Baby Belle doll that she adores and has to sleep with. Tom’s kids got her some leggos that Brenna kind of took over but they both seem to like. All the toys were a hit. Thanks you all who got her toys even though I said “no toys!” I got a few educational toys from ebay that haven’t been such a hit except for the bus that sings the wheels on the bus song. I did buy a giant box of barbies and clothes that keeps them quiet and happy for hours and hours and keeps Brenna out of her own closet. It’s awesome! Ebay rocks!

Well I have truly enjoyed my little Bradie. She’s a beautiful, happy little girl, and I will cherish this time while she still loves to curl up in my lap. It’s going away fast. Posted by Picasa