Brenna’s Birthday in Disney

Brenna’s Birthday in Disney

I haven’t been able to post these pics until now because the cord to my camera was stolen along with my computer at work. Luckily I don’t use that computer, I only use my personal laptop.

Anyway, we went to Disney for Brenna’s birthday, and had a grand time! Bradie stayed with G, and had an equally grand time. We met lots of princesses, rode rides, and ate a lot of ice cream. If you haven’t been to Disney, try to go. It’s truly amazing.

Brenna is becoming a big girl so fast. She isn’t napping anymore! She loves to paint, color with markers, and play with Barbies. Her teacher called her “Jingle Bell” because she sings and dances constantly. School is going fairly well. She had a couple of days of biting that was frustrating. We’re lucky they didn’t kick her out. I think she’s over that now. We’re going through another bout of sickness. I guess it’s that time of year.

Bradie is a lot of fun too. She does almost everything Brenna tells her to do. They go marching through the house, singing. Brenna even tries to teach her to talk. That’s pretty funny. She has to color alongside Brenna except she loves to color herself, and has painted her entire face more than once.

We’re still enjoying the weather here, and try to get over to the island as often as we can (of course I get to go every day). We had the shrimp and grits festival last weekend, and Brad, PJ, and I had a booth selling shrimp and “shrimp and grits” kits. The grits sold much better than the shrimp, but I’m perfectly happy having 30 lbs of shrimp in my freezer. We had fun though. Brenda came up to watch the children, and she brought them out to the festival. The “Bubble Man” was the hit of the day! Brad says he wants to be the next Bubble Man since he makes all those kids so happy.