Christmas, New Years, Etc.

Christmas, New Years, Etc.

Gosh it’s been too long since I last wrote. Brenna and Bradie are doing well–a couple small illnesses but nothing big. Brenna has a fever right now and I’m keeping her dosed up with ibuprofen so scared she’ll have a seizure. All night long I was listening in on the baby monitor for seizure-like sounds whatever they are.

Brenna loves preschool! She squeals with delight when we pull in the parking lot. Unfortunately, she missed quite a bit of school when we left for Christmas in Florida. What an awful trip! Bradie screamed 4 of the 5 hours to Georgia where we stopped for the night at Bill’s. Poor Brenna actually napped about a half hour during the screaming, but of course it woke her before she got a good nap. And of course, Brenna would make some kind of sudden loud noise whenever Bradie FINALLY fell asleep and the screaming would start again. I told Brad I’d rather give birth again than do that trip. The 2nd leg of the trip wasn’t so bad since Emily (their 11-year-old cousin came with us and entertained the children on the way. It was only 2.5 hours anyway to Brad’s mother’s house. Brenda had hit a thrift store and had lots of toys ready for the girls when we got there. It was very nice to have them occupied. She also borrowed some big items from neighbors like a highchair and walker. Bradie got pretty good at the walker while we were there. She was scooting across that kitchen floor pretty fast! The only bad part of the vacation (besides the drive) was that no one sleeps well when we’re not at home. I told Brad when we got home that you’d have thought we had been out in the woods instead of at Brenda’s luxurious home the way we were so happy to be home.

Brad has started letting me go to bed early and he puts Brenna to bed for me. This way, I get a couple hours to myself after Bradie goes to sleep. It’s heaven. I actually went to sleep at 8:30 the other night. I was asleep by 9:30 New Year’s Eve. Brad only made it to 11.

Preschool has really made a great difference in our lives. Brenna seems to be talking better, potty training seems to be interesting her, and I’m getting a much needed break 2 mornings a week.

Bradie is getting bigger and bigger. She still doesn’t have the rolls that Brenna had at her age but they are probably coming. She nurses often but not for very long so I don’t know if I’m over-feeding her or not. I guess most people would say–”Look at her, of course you are.” But I just don’t feel comfortable witholding food from her at 5 months old especially since I don’t know how much she’s getting anyway. She did actually take a bottle of soy milk from Brenda while we were in Florida while I had a spa day (birthday present from Brenda). Though when Brad and I went to a movie, Bradie woke and was inconsolable. Brenda was sweating she was so stressed!

I have tried feeding Bradie some rice cereal but it seems to make her wake in the night. Maybe she’s just waking anyway–who knows. She likes the food and seems very interested in what we are eating but still has a little trouble with the mechanics of it all. I need to feed her more consistently and somehow find time to do it earlier in the day.

So anyway, we had a great vacation and an uneventful New Years. We should be clearing our lot this week and trying to get bids in on the rest of it so we can get financing and get this house built. We’ve shown the house a total of 6 times, and given out 150 brochures but no offers–guess it’s good since we’re nowhere near ready!