January 2007 Update

January 2007 Update

Been a while since the last update. I still have to do the Christmas pictures but I’m going to have to depend on Grandma for those.

Here the girls are in Myrtle Beach at a festivl with their balloon hats. I think Brenna has a career ahead of her in modeling. Poor Bradie might not! :)
Here are the 2 Cinderella’s. (we have 3 Cinderella dresses now–not to mention ALL the dresses for ALL the princesses). Disney.com sends me emails every day and I broke down and bought them Tinkerbell sheets on an after Christmas sale. I think it’s time to stop buying them so much stuff. All Brenna had to say when she saw her sheets was that she wanted a Tinkerbell blanket! Ugh. Makes me want to give all her toys to charity!

She’s not all bad but we are having to work on the whining. It’s intolerable with 2 as I’m sure most of you know. Here we are riding bikes on Jekyll Island. The day began well as all other outings we have do. Unfortunately even a trip to the grocery store seems to break down half way through.

Bradie has started to show her 2-year old-ness. She cracks me up though when she talks back so badly but you can’t understand a word she says. Those giant eyes are so expressive you know she is saying bad stuff! Both girls love to sing. Bradie’s favorite song is “Ariel Mermaid” (over and over again).

Brenna has started memorizing books and it freaks us out because we’re often fooled that she might be reading. I’m sure she’ll actually read the words soon. Her teacher says she is the smartest in the class even though she is the youngest so I supposed we’ll go ahead and let her go to Kindergarten in the fall though the jury is still out. Jekyll Island has started letting me leave work at 2 pm every day to pick up Brenna from school. Then we go home and I work. It saves quite a bit of money but it breaks my heart to leave Bradie. (some days I go ahead get her too!)

Well, we’re muddling through day by day trying to enjoy the little moments of fun. I hope everyone is doing well. Would love to hear some updates (with pics!)

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