January Update

January Update

I guess I’m going to have to start updating this thing regularly now that we just bought a new toy–a really sweet HP laptop!

Not really sure where to begin. Last time we had just moved into the Villas by the Sea on Jekyll Island “for a couple months” awaiting the new house. Here it is January and we’re still here. It’s so awful being in limbo for so long. I just want to get my new life started.

Our new lives have begun house or no house, and we are becoming beach folk for sure. I’m not sure I could live away from the beach again even if we don’t decide to stay in this area. My only concern for this area is the schools. The public schools in Brunswick are in the scariest of neighborhoods. That really makes me miss Raleigh. There is a public elementary school on St. Simon’s Island, so moving there is a consideration. Private school is too if we have the money. There is serious talk about building a middle school there too. We also talk about other areas of the country as well. I think the Wilmington area is a serious consideration too.

I do love my job though. And 2 years is a long way off. We’ll stay long enough to live in the house 2 years and make a bunch of money off it : ) Maybe Brad will make so much money building here that we can stay and afford private school.

The children are finally sort of healthy. I think they (and we) have been sick for 4 months straight! We did have to pick Bradie up early Friday because of a fever. Seems it might just be those back molars since she has no other symptoms and cries when she eats. She is so sweet and cuddly. This stage is how I ended up with 2 children! I’m having real trouble remembering when Brenna was sweet though. She still has her moments but she has so many awful moments it’s tough to be around her for very long. I don’t know how I was a stay-at-home now. Hats off to all of you who are! I dread 3-day weekends because I can’t take it. I know it will be better in the new house (I hope!), but right now, Brenna challenges me every second. A lot of the challenge is keeping her from hurting Bradie. She is still so rough with her. One day soon Bradie is going to get big enough to get her back. She already hits–then we have to convince Brenna not to hit back. So much fun! Our new house rules are 1) Do as Your Told 2) No Whining 3) Don’t Hurt Your Sister and 4) Don’t be Disgusting — don’t pick your nose or spit. Brenna pronounces #4 as “Don’t be Dusty!” The rules seem to have helped a little, but we just can’t get her to stop whining and crying when we tell her “no.” She’s been that way her whole life. She is finally potty trained though! She finally did it by herself–with the help of daycare. I stopped a long time ago trying to force it. One day she decided she was going to start going potty.

Brad is saying that we’ll be in the house before February 1st so hopefully the next update will be to say that we’ve moved in! Everyone keep their fingers crossed for us. We can’t wait for spring and warmer weather (not that it’s all that cold here), but we want to be able to go to the beach and the water park! And we want visitors!