July Update (and quite an update it is!)

July Update (and quite an update it is!)

We’re in Georgia! We arrived on July 16th, and I started my new job at the Jekyll Island Authority on July 18th. I can’t believe how hard the move was considering that we didn’t move anything! The house looks like we have never left but we have loaded Bill’s house up with tons of stuff. The real move is going to be a bear! As overwhelmed as we were, I’m sure Bill and Emily were more astonished by the changes than we were. It must be hard for them to have us take over. It is VERY hard to live in someone else’s house. Even when they are not there, it’s just not the same as being in your own home, cooking in your own kitchen, sleeping in your own bed . . .

I made it through the first week ok I suppose. Work is great. Everyone there is very nice. It’s getting busier so that is good but the work is pretty easy. I get to play around alot with stuff I haven’t done before. They’ve ordered me a nice new laptop and we’re moving the offices to the convention center which is at the beach soon. I can sit on the beach and work! I wish the girls were adjusting to daycare better but I guess they’ll find their way. Brenna who I thought would love it, cries every morning. Today was the first day that she hasn’t cried when I left her. Bradie is OK but I think she’ll have more fun in the room with the walkers. We’ve been working with her and she’s taken a couple of steps.

One of our perks at work is that the whole family gets to do anything that is owned by the JIA for free so we all went to the waterpark after work last Thursday. Brenna broke out in huge hives! They went down that night but came back the next day at daycare so Brad had to take her to the doctor. Some kind of allergic reaction–don’t know to what.

It’s tough being a working mom for sure—emotionally—and that there is no time for anything. We all have piles and piles of laundry. Emotionally it’s tough to see that your children don’t respond to you anymore. Not that Brenna listened to me before but she doesn’t listen at all now. She clings to her daddy who picks her up from daycare. I guess I’m the enemy because I drop her off. I used to be so in tune to what their days were filled with–especially how much sleep with naps, and how much play outside, etc. And now I have no idea. And since I don’t pick her up, I don’t get a chance to talk to her teacher. I can look at them on the Internet though but it’s tough to find them sometimes.

We went to Brad’s Mom’s house last weekend for Bradie’s birthday. They were having their Home Owner’s Association party on Saturday and Brenda cooked a nice lunch and we had cake that Bradie put her entire face in. I’ll get a picture up here ASAP.

The house is coming along. Brad is busy out there every day. We have walls for downstairs now and I think they are starting with the 2nd floor this week. I can’t wait!!! We have had one call on the house since we moved, so we might have to do some more advertising. We have to sell it before we start the mortgage on this one for sure. I try not to think about it for fear of a critical anxiety attack.

We miss everyone so much. I hope to have house guests every weekend when we get the house built!