Know it All Mothers

Know it All Mothers

I guess I’m going to experience this the rest of my life, but I really don’t enjoy spending time with mothers who think they have it all figured out. How could they? Maybe they do, but I don’t like being reminded that I don’t know what I’m doing. We had a play date yesterday with a little girl in the neighborhood, and of course, Brenna was not sharing well. These people seem to never raise their voices to their kid–and she was being very good. But everytime I reprimanded Brenna, she would pipe in with “no, she was just . . .” When Brenna would snatch a toy from Idil, I would make her give it back—then she would give it back to Brenna! I think it just confused Brenna. Then when I had to give Brenna a time-out, she starts telling me about some crap she read that her doctor gave her about how to handle situations like these. I’m sorry, but all I could think was that she didn’t teach her kid to share–DAYCARE DID! Idil has been in daycare since she was 6 weeks old. I guess this is where stay-at-home moms and working moms clash.

So anyway, the hitting, pushing, and saying “MINE” was improving but seems to have started again this week. Otherwise, she’s been pretty good when at home. (no one to have to share with except Bradie, and she doesn’t mind) Brenna’s whining seems to have improved greatly, perhaps with her improved speech. Words are added every day, and she’s even said a couple 2 word sentences on her own. She seems to practice by asking me for something whenever I’ve just sat down though—ugh!

Brenna eats weird stuff. I guess all kids do, but geez. She will eat peanut butter on a spoon. She will eat bread but not a peanut butter sandwich. She will eat bologna, but not a sandwich. SHE EATS RAW PASTA. Fruit is pretty much a staple still. Brad has to beg her saying “Please” over and over to get her to take her vitamin—and that works believe it or not. Then sometimes she’ll surprise me and eat a big piece of chicken when she usually won’t touch it. She got on a carrot and celery kick but I think that’s over. I need to get some big carrots. The little ones are not good anymore apparently. I’d love to see how she eats at preschool.

Todd came to dinner last night. She hadn’t seen him since Thanksgiving. When she woke up from her nap, Brad went to get her and kept the blanket on her head and surprised her when she got downstairs. She was visibly stunned. It took her a while to wake up, but a little while later, poor Todd was having to read the big Mother Goose book. It was very cute.

I was so close to getting her to pee in the potty yesterday. I think we’re making progress, though no pee has made it in the pot. She took off her diaper yesterday and before I could get it back on her, she was starting to pee on the dining room rug, so i whisked her up and put her on the pot, but I guess she didn’t have any more. Then that evening, she put her teddy bear on the pot, and was teaching him to go. So I sat in here with her and we watched the Bear in the Big Blue House Potty video. She was drinking and drinking and drinking and sitting and sitting and sitting, but no pee in the pot. So, we had to put the diaper on again. This is so hard. I hate every second of it–and I have dreaded it since she was born. It’s just so frustrating that you can’t make them do stuff!!!

We’re up especially early this morning. Bradie was awake at 5:30. I finally got her out of the crib at 6. She woke up a few times last night, and when I’d go check on her, she’d rolled over! And she was so proud—-and it was not easy to just roll her over and tell her to go back to sleep. Maybe I’ll get some sleep in a few months!