Life is normal again (sort of)

Life is normal again (sort of)

I can’t believe how different my life is from 2 months ago or even how different it was a year ago! I really miss Raleigh, my old house, and our friends and family soooo much. I’m really hoping we’ll get some more visitors to make me less home sick. Actually Brad’s entire family (Aunt Cheryl, Grandad, Christa, her kids, Uncle Troy and his kids) are coming next weekend. It’s going to be chaos but fun.

If I can get over the home sickness, I think I’ll really enjoy our new life. Our new house is so wonderful. We love going to the beach and go all the time. There’s a festival every weekend so there’s always something to do with the kids.

The girls are really doing well. If they could just stay well, we’d have tons of fun. Bradie’s old enough now to play with Brenna (if Brenna will just stop snatching her toys). They are starting to play well together. Brenna and I went to the Spring Break dance. She had a date with our ad agency’s president’s son. They ran and ran and danced and danced. She was such a big girl that night.

Brenna has just now (I’m thankful it has taken until she is 3 1/2 but it’s still aggravating) started wanting to change clothes every 2 minutes. It’s driving me crazy. And she tries to match. Sometimes I think she’s colorblind. And the rule is that mommy decides what she wears in public.

Brad and Bill are building houses together and are doing well. They are busy and seem to be getting along well. My work is good but hectic. They let me work from home when I need to which is really nice, and the people I work with are all really nice.

Brunswick still doesn’t quite seem like home yet, but I guess that will come soon enough. I imagine the summertime will help that along pretty well.