Look What Brenna Saw Waiting for Bike Riders!

Look What Brenna Saw Waiting for Bike Riders!

We were on our way to the pool today, and Brenna announced that she saw an alligator. So we turned the car around and sure enough, there was a very big one sunning himself right beside the bike path on Jekyll Island. Wouldn’t that surprise someone?

We stayed in the car of course! And he saw us and sunk back down in the hole a little bit not all the way. Guess he wasn’t that scared of people which is bad.

We went swimming at the Beachview Club Saturday and Sunday because they have a heated pool. It’s still a little chilly to go swimming around here without that benefit, but it was a nice weekend.

Bradie seems to have forgotten that she knows how to swim though. I think she doesn’t like that she can’t touch bottom at this pool. She did do better by the end of the day today, but screamed whenever we made her get off the steps. Perhaps she’ll have to go to Mermaid School!

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