Here are the mermaids. Ariel is all over the house. Brenna is getting to be a bit of a spoiled brat though so we’re taking away toys and dresses and such whenever she whines. It’s becoming unbearable especially since Bradie is becoming a whiny 2-year old (which I guess she has just as much right to be 2 as Brenna did but both of them is too much to take).
Brenna had to turn in her science project today. (Can you believe it–she’s 4!) You should have seen me and Brad arguing over what we thought the design of the project should be. She also went on her first field trip to the circus in Savannah on a big bus! She told the bus driver she liked his hat as she was getting on the bus.

Bradie is talking more and more, but gets frustrated as most 2 year olds and has to be reminded to use her words though she almost never forgets to say “dank u!” She still loves to sit in my lap and watch a movie and cuddle especially when Brenna and Daddy have gone off on an adventure (she loves to go to the dump and the job site with him). Bradie would rather stay with mama.

We bought bicycles from the sell off of the old bicycles on Jekyll Island–$20 each! We got Bradie a bike seat where she sits in front and she LOVES it. She laughs and chatters on the whole time. We bought a trailer for Brenna so it can also hold her bicycle when she gets tired. It also converts to a stroller–very cool.

We cannot wait until the little water park, Summer Waves opens this year! We really enjoy taking advantage of all my benefits of working for Jekyll Island!

I need to get Brenna signed up for swimming lessons. We hope we will have lots of visitors this summer for vacations. (I have tons of comp time and vacation time to spend with all of you who come to visit!!) I know, I know, I should come up there to visit too but I have a million excuses! Love to you all. Please plan your vacations to come visit!!!

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