New in WiseStamp – Email Apps!

New in WiseStamp – Email Apps!

Anyone who loves Wisestamp will be very excited about this addition!

The new version includes some major improvements and exciting brand new capabilities we call them Email Apps.

What are Email Apps?

WiseStamp Email Apps enable you to easily promote what is important to you in every email you send. With Email Apps you can easily share your latest activities from a variety of social services, whether it is your most recent for-sale item on eBay, your latest tweet on Twitter, blog post, inspirational quote or a cause you wish to support Email Apps are are the solution you are looking for.


Email Apps enable you to do any of the following:

  • Share -  Share your recent Twitter / Stumbleupon / Digg / / Plancast activity in every email you send! Simply add your username (no URLs needed!). Your recipient can even interact with it !(e.g. rewteet, follow, comment etc.)
  • Promote –  Increase traction to your blog, business or maybe support a cause by including a relevant banner.
  • Be efficient – include pre-defined disclaimers, Green footers, Alternating Sign-offs.
  • Add spice – share a random quote. Choose a category and your email signature will contain a random quote: funny, inspirational , love…