Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Logos, websites, and brochures are the building blocks of marketing your business. You must have an awesome base of graphic design to show your clients and convey your message. This basic design will carry across to all your marketing, so it must be great to begin with.

Brochures, Interactive DVDs, Sales Sheets, etc. Enduring Design can design the information about your company in order to market your business successfully.

Often the first steps with marketing a new company starts with the basics: a logo, business cards, letterhead, and website.

This interactive CD, done in Flash, asked the users questions, which then determined which banking products they needed and linked them to the website to sign up.

Vacation Planner

This vacation planner is a 16-page high gloss, high quality piece used to entice the visitor to come to island. The user also used this to plan their trip.

This was the inside of the museum's brochure where we listed out the tour schedule

Wedding Brochure

The inside top cover of the Shopping and Dining Guide

Gatefolded view of Shopping and Dining Guide