Week 3 in Georgia Begins

Week 3 in Georgia Begins

Life sure will be better when we get in our house. God bless Bill for letting us stay here but it’s tough when you don’t have your own things and the house isn’t yours. The children finally got the daycare sickness. (the sickness all daycare children seem to have almost all the time) Brenna has a fever and the worst diarrhea I’ve ever witnessed. Bradie has a bad cold and it’s in her eye again. I guess Brad is home with the children tomorrow.

I’ve cleaned all weekend to make up for not doing anything for 2 weeks. I think I did 10 loads of laundry (including Brenna’s bedclothes twice from diaper leakages). The children slept most of the day away yesterday either from being sick or catching up from not sleeping at daycare. I can certainly tell a difference in Brenna today after catching up on some sleep. Or maybe I’ve just gotten enough rest to deal with her. Bradie is screaming in her crib now because I don’t know what else to do with her. She woke up from a nap but kept crying and wouldn’t take a bottle so I loaded her up with more medicine and put her back in the bed. I guess she’s still tired.

PJ stopped by on his way to Floriday last night for dinner. We took him over to see the house after. It was good to see a NC face.

We have to take the van into a Kia dealer tonight so they can fix my A/C tomrrow. It died last week–I can’t take this heat without A/C!

Brenna has “hat and sunglasses” day tomorrow at daycare and I can’t find her sunglasses. I guess I have to go buy some or she’ll snatch all the other children’s. She’ll probably snatch theirs anyway too. They have some kind of special thing each day next week ending with a party on both Thursday and Friday that we have to sign up to bring something for. With what we pay them, they should be able to have the thing catered. I’m not happy about that and I think I just won’t sign up. When in the heck and I supposed to have time to make something? I can’t even make dinner. I swear, it seems I have to go to the grocery store every other day.

They pressured me into volunteering to work the Beach Music Festival next weekend. PJ will be here staying at the Jekyll Island Club. Bill says he should be in town too. I guess the guys and the kids will have fun while I work. I’m curious to see the rooms and things at the Jekyll Island Club. Maybe we’ll go swimming in the pool while he’s there.

I can’t believe how long the days are now on the weekends now. I feel like I need to be doing something all the time now that I’m a “working woman.” I guess it’ll be different when we can actually do something fun with the children–this weekend was a bust except that we went to the beach after dinner on Friday night. That was great–so neat to live at the beach and be able to pop over to the beach on a moment’s notice. I guess we’ll be doing that instead of going to the lake like we used to. Bradie got a wagon from G for her birthday so that made hauling all our stuff out there super easy. Brenna still shows no fear of the water. She goes right on in and would keep going if we let her. Bradie does pretty good herself sitting right by the water’s edge and lettign it roll in on her. The waves here are tiny so it’s not so scary.