Wow the whole month of February is Gone

Wow the whole month of February is Gone

Time flies! Bradie will be 7 months old on Friday. I can’t believe it. She can sit up now pretty good by herself and can roll over. She still rolls over onto her back in her crib and can’t seem to figure out that she knows how to roll back onto her stomach to fall asleep. She slept real well last night though–from 9 to 6:30 without waking up! It was a good night for mama too. Brenna is really good to her now too. Here’s a pic of Brenna reading to Bradie. She has gotten alot better about snatching toys from her. Now she at least announces that she’s going to buy saying “Take Turns” and then snatching it. Sometimes she actually brings her something else.

Derrick called a couple weeks ago with a free ticket to the circus. Their son, Ben was sick, so they let Brad and Brenna go. I thought we didn’t believe in supporting the circus since they are cruel to animals but I guess we threw that out the window since we didn’t buy the tix? Oh well, Brenna can make her decisions about it when she’s older.

Brad and Brenna went on a road trip to Georgia last weekend. They left on Friday (in the work van!) and came home Monday night. Bradie enjoyed the special attention, and was unusually clingy but it was still relaxing. I missed them so much though. I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t calling them twice a day probably.

Potty training was going well but we have slid backwards apparently. The road trip didn’t help but it was already not going well before they left. She seems not to remember to go now. I supposed she’ll eventually get it. Maybe we’ll have an outside day in the spring.

Brenna’s speech improves every day. It’s remarkable really. She still says the wrong words for many things but out of the blue, she’ll start saying the right thing. Sometimes I don’t know what she’s talking about because she’s saying the right word! She still says “Hoo Ha” to be picked up, “What” for milk, “Gucky” for blankie, and “Daddy” could be Daddy, Bradie or Potty. Gets kind of confusing. Oh yeah “Giggle” is Barney but “Giggles” is Wiggles.